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Bus fleets modernization and passenger comfort

Automotive, Industrial, Transportation

The challenge: With the development of large cities and growing demand for inter-city exchanges, existing train networks are often insufficient on their own and require complimentary fleets of busses to enable passengers to reach destinations efficiently.

For passengers convenience and connectability while traveling, new vehicles are equipped with individual video systems, high speed internet access connection and equipment providing information and guaranteeing passenger safety. Such equipment is often installed in seats and requires stable and reliable power sources. Fleet operators are also requiring standardized DC/DC converters, in a range of 100W to 200W, which can be installed in confined spaces with limited height (below two centimeters) and only cooled by convection air flow.

The solution: We designed a standardised packaged 100W and 200W DC/DC converter, the ENA100 and ENA200, that took into consideration confined mechanical and thermal constraints. Using planar-technology, combined with a high efficiency conversion power-stage, the layout of the design was optimised for conduction cooling, including provisions for full protection and filtering to simplify installation and operation.

The added value: By incorporating highly integrated features within the design, we were able to offer products that could power a large range of electronics equipment applications in busses. Also, by utilising the same sized standard packaging for both the 100W ENA100 and 200W ENA200 units, systems can be easily upgraded when more power is required.


Cases in Automotive, Industrial, Transportation

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Powering high demanding MRI with efficiency

The challenge: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body。 The magnetic field generated by the coil is in a range of 2 to 4 Tesla, which is a huge magnetic field with direct effect on some of the […]

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Powering internet through underwater cables

Underwater cables for internet traffic covers long distances and repeaters amplify to keep speed, this demands highly reliable power supplies.

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Powering medical application with radio coexistence

With the multiplication of products transmitting radio signals, it becomes very complex for medical equipment manufacturers to ensure their systems are secured, without interfering or been interfered by other equipment。

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